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About Strong Heart Foundation

Started by a nurse in 2011, The Strong Heart Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that trains barbers in the use of an automatic blood pressure and heart rate and rhythm machine while written materials provide a variety of resources for customers with abnormal findings. 


The founder of the Strong Heart Foundation also started EPreward and Medical Materials, two companies that provide cost saving services to hospitals. The Strong Heart Foundation Staff apply their diverse backgrounds and energies to the foundations programs while the manager, Steve Miller, RN, BSN with over 30 years of hospital experience, provides nursing oversight.

Through the practical application of research studies and proven educational programs, the Foundation positively affects the lives of individuals within the community. If you own or manage a barber shop in the area and are interested in offering this life saving simple service to your customers please let us know. It could save someone's life.

Contact us if you would like help to create a similar program in your area.

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We are graciously accepting donations.  Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Every penny will help.

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