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Product assistance for charitable EP procedures in developing nations

EP Lab Procedure

With crucial support from EPreward, Inc, Medical Materials, Inc. and Innovative Health, Inc., the Strong Heart Foundation assists Cardiac Electrophysiologists with obtaining free devices they need to perform life changing procedures for people in developing nations who have limited ability to perform those complex procedures.  

If you are an EP Physician who travels overseas to share your skills with those in need, contact us to see how we can assist. 

Barbershop & Hair Salon Blood Pressure and Heart Rhythm Screening

Barber Shop Blood Pressure

Barber Shops and Hair Salons have been  proven in medical studies to be excellent locations for people to have their blood  pressure and heart rhythm checked.  The customers are sitting, relaxed and return for regular visits. 
High blood pressure and the irregular heart rhythm Atrial Fibrillation (shared by KareemAbdul Jabbar in recent TV commercials), increase the incidence of a stroke or heart attack by 5 times.  Also, people with high blood pressure or atrial fibrillation often have no symptoms, and are not aware of these problems until they have the stroke, heart attack or die.   


Support for Local, National and International Nonprofits 

Below are just a few of the Charities that are supported by the Strong Heart Foundation and its business partners.  

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